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Empowering Kids in Care:
Designing T-Shirts and Merchandise

What is K.i.C.K.?

K.i.C.K. stands for Kids in Care Kollection.

For children in foster care and adoptive families, life can be a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and opportunities. Many of these children have experienced upheaval and uncertainty in their young lives, which can leave lasting impacts on their self-esteem and mental well-being. To help these kids find their creative voices, build confidence, and even earn some money, a remarkable initiative has emerged called K.i.C.K. (Kids in Care Kollection): designing their own T-shirts and merchandise. This not only encourages their creativity but also offers a therapeutic and entrepreneurial outlet.

Pride and purpose

Bit Rude’s approach is straightforward and transformative. Children, whether in foster care or adopted, are encouraged to submit their own hand-drawn designs or electronic versions, which Bit Rude then transforms into digital graphics and applies to T-shirts and other merchandise. The best part? These young designers receive a portion of the profits generated from their designs. This process not only allows these children to express themselves creatively but also equips them with a newfound sense of pride and purpose.

Positive impact

One of the most significant benefits of this endeavor is its positive impact on the mental health of children in care. Creativity has long been recognised as a powerful tool for emotional expression and coping. For children who may struggle with the emotional complexities of their past experiences, engaging in the creative process can be incredibly therapeutic. Designing T-shirts and merchandise provides an outlet for them to explore their thoughts and feelings in a tangible way, often leading to a sense of catharsis and healing.

Boost self-esteem

In addition to therapeutic benefits, this initiative instills a sense of ownership and pride in these young designers. It’s a validation of their unique voices, a reminder that they have something valuable to contribute to the world. For children who have faced adversity, this affirmation can be transformative, boosting their self-esteem and resilience. The act of seeing their designs come to life on merchandise can be profoundly empowering.

Furthermore, Bit Rude’s approach promotes a sense of entrepreneurial spirit in these young minds. By giving children a portion (50%) of the profits generated by their designs, they learn about financial responsibility and the value of their creative work. It’s a practical lesson in the economics of creativity, equipping them with essential life skills that will serve them well in the future.

A gentle introduction

The process of submitting designs and receiving a share of the profits also encourages responsibility, as children learn the importance of deadlines and commitment. It’s a gentle introduction to the working world that can help build a strong work ethic and a sense of accountability.

How does it work?

A child or child’s parent or carer submits a design via the submission form – the design can be a hand drawn design or a digital design that has been created on an iPad or similar. If need be, Bit Rude will make a digital version of that design and perhaps embellish the design. Bit Rude will then create as a t-shirt (or other merchandise) enabling anyone to buy via the Bit Rude website. 

Bit Rude will give 50% of the profit to the young designer.


A submitted sketch from a child.

Bit Rude KiCK example 01 before


 Digital version from Bit Rude.

Bit Rude KiCK example 01 after

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely nothing. We won’t ask for any money whatsover. In fact, we’ll give you money if your child’s designs are sold.

Anyone in, or who has been in, the social care system. This includes foster care, kinship care, SGO (Special Guardianship Order) or adoption. 

Actually, you don’t have to be a kid. Adults who have been in care are welcome to submit designs.

We work on 50% profit. Typically the profit on a t-shirt is around £6. So 50% of £6 is £3. We take the other 50% for production costs, marketing and admin.

Bit Rude holds the copyright to all designs. Rest assured, Bit Rude will only use the designs on this site only.

Glad to hear it! Just send them a link to the product or tell everybody about Follow us on social media too!

Unless you have permission, we cannot use them.

Do you want your design on a t-shirt?

If you are, or your child is in the care system, feel free to submit a design.